Father’s day in Nepal


Kushe Aausi or Pitritarpani Aausi or Gokarne Aausi

(बाबुको मुख हेर्ने दिन, गोकर्णे औंसी, कुशेऔंसी)

Nepal has more than 70 ethnic groups with almost all have their own tradition and languages. The people of different communities and tribe have their own way of celebrating father’s day. Some communities celebrate it empty stomach early in the morning and some communities celebrate it in the evening.

Nepali Hindu Ritual

The most auspicious day to honor one’s father is Gokarna Aunsi . It falls on the dark fortnight of Bhadra or in August or in early September. It is also known as Kuse Aunsi. The Nepali religion, tradition and culture hold a lot of reverence for a father. He is considered the pillar of strength, respect and support of a family. The most auspicious day to honor one’s father is Gokarna Aunsi . It falls on the dark fortnight in August or in early September. A day when children show their gratitude and appreciation for his guidance and teachings in life. Sons and daughters, near or far, come with presents and confections to spend the day with their fathers. Children spend their hoarded coins on presents, which expresses honor and love in their own special ways. The streets are a gay scene of married daughters on their way to their parents’ home with delicacies. After the offering of gifts, they touch their father’s feet with their foreheads, this act of veneration is done by the sons only, and the daughters touch the hand. The ceremony is also known as “looking upon father’s face”.

However, all the communities prepare foods and tasty feast in and serve it to their father. The celebration and fun of the festival depends upon the place, climate and ethnicity.

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