Himalayan Travel Mart 2017 kicks off in Kathmandu

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017 kicks off in Kathmandu

The International Travel Bloggers and Media Conference kicked off here in the capital on Thursday.

This is the first time that the conference has been organised in the country to promote the message in the global tourism market that Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayas. The theme of the conference is – Nepal Gateway to the Himalaya.

Taking part in the meet are 107 travel bloggers from 33 countries, 70 travel and tourism-related experts and more than 100 journalists from various countries.

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017

In the biggest tourism event ever, held at Budhanilkantha in the capital, the participants shared knowledge and experience regarding the tourism products of their respective countries, the use of digital media and the new practices in the field.

Experts from various countries shared information on the tourism market, tourism products and ways of promoting both.

Some 500 people from home and abroad participated in the conference organized by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter as the executive organizer, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation as the host and Nepal Tourism Board as the main organizer.

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017

Minister for Health Gagan Kumar Thapa, inaugurating the conference, said that the conference, organised with a new vision of tourism and a long-term goal, would play a key role in promoting Nepal’s tourism in the world market.

He opined that Nepal’s tourism would be much benefited from the promotional programme through this international level conference in the context of the Nepali tourism market with high potentials in terms of natural, geographical and cultural aspects not been reaping the expected benefits.

He also stressed the need of the government and the private sector to work together for further promoting the country’s tourism.

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017

Himalayan Travel Mart 2017

Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, Deepak Raj Joshi, highlighting the potentialities of Nepal’s tourism market, reiterated that the conference would be useful in giving a new message to the global tourism market.

PATA CEO Mario Hardy described the conference as the appropriate forum for promoting new tourism product in the global tourism by exploring the avenues for nature and culture tourism of Nepal, a country of the Himalayas.

PATA Nepal Chapter president Suman Pandey said that the conference has been organized with the objective of promoting Nepal’s tourism throughout the world through digital media.

Health Minister Thapa also launched the special issue of Himalaya Travel Magazine on the occasion.

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Nepalese tourism stakeholders want competitive air fare between Nepal and China

Nepalese tourism stakeholders want competitive air fare between Nepal and China
Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines

Nepalese tourism stakeholders on Wednesday stressed on making air travel between Nepal and China cheaper to promote bilateral tourism, arguing that air transport between the two neighbors is one of the most expensive in the world.

They said at an interaction on the theme of Silk Road Tourism between Nepal and China, organized by China National Tourist Office and Nepal China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCCI) that potential growth of Chinese tourists to Nepal has been hindered by higher air fare and relatively low air connectivity.

China is the Nepal’s second largest source market for tourists after India since 2010. Nepal welcomed 104,005 Chinese tourists in 2016 as arrivals surged by 55.26 percent on year-on-year basis after disastrous 2015 due to deadly earthquake and subsequent blockade in southern border points of Nepal, according to the data of Department of Immigration of Nepal.

NCCCI President Rajesh Kaji Shrestha said that air ticket for Kathmandu-Guangzhou is more expensive than travelling through the Kathmandu-Bangkok-Guangzhou. “Travelling Kathmandu to Kunming is costlier than India’s Kolkata’s to Kunming. Price must be competitive to attract more Chinese tourists to Nepal,” he said.

Currently, four Chinese airlines — China Southern, China Eastern, Sichuan Airline and Air China are serving Kathmandu to Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu and Lhasa respectively.

China Air

China Air

Shrestha said that there should be direct air connectivity between Kathmandu and Beijing, Shanghai to attract more Chinese tourists. Nepal’s national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation is also serving Kathmandu-Hong Kong route currently and also has plan to reach Chinese mainland.

Sunil Sharma, officiating director of Nepal Tourism Board, the main tourism promotion body of Nepal, said that the board has been consistently promoting Nepal’s tourism in China but travel cost has been hindering the potential of Chinese tourist arrivals to Nepal.

Nepalese stakeholders also asked China to ease travel for tourist through land route too, particularly through bordering Geelong port which is currently only international trade route between the two countries.

Chinese ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong said that China was promoting Nepal’s tourism under the Year of Tourism for Nepal 2017 in line with the joint statement signed in 2016.

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Visit Nepal-Europe 2017 campaign on the cards

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has announced it will celebrate and campaign 2017 as a Visit Nepal Year in Europe.

The announcement came at a function held in Kathmandu on Saturday to mark NTBs anniversary.

NTB said it made the announcement as part of promoting Nepal as a tourism destination and with the aim of bringing a maximum number of tourists from European countries.

The campaigns primary goal is to increase the number of tourists visiting Nepal in 2017 from Europe by 30 percent to 40 percent compared to 2016.

Tourists coming from Europe have contributed significantly to Nepals tourism industry, Nepal Tourism Board CEO Deepak Raj Joshi said. We hope to increase this momentum further by celebrating 2017 as Visit Nepal Year in European countries.

A photo exhibition, talks on mountaineering, a send a friend to Nepal campaign, tourism promotion through Nepali restaurants in Europe, Nepal Day, Buddha Jayanti, and Everest Day celebrations, FAM trips, and training the Nepali diaspora in Europe to promote Nepal as a tourism destination, among others, will be programs that NTB will focus on organizing in different countries in Europe, it said.

Nepal Tourism Board, through its Honorary Public Relations Representatives in different countries in Europe, will work in collaboration with Nepali diplomatic missions and the Nepali diaspora there, and with local friends of Nepal in Europe to make the Visit Nepal – Europe 2017 campaign successful, NTB said.

A number of tourism promotion programs for 2017 have already been planned in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Denmark, Deepesh Man Shakya, the coordinator of Visit Nepal – Europe 2017 and also Nepal Tourism Boards Honorary Public Relations Representatives for Ireland, said. We are working with Nepali embassies and local Nepali organizations to come up with plans for other parts of Europe, Shakya added.

The Visit Nepal – Europe 2017 campaign will also build groundwork for promoting tourism in Nepal all over the world in 2018 as part of Visit Nepal Year 2018 which the government had announced recently, according to NTB.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Jeevean Bahadur Shahi and Shankhar Prasad Adhikari, the chairman of Nepal Tourism Board Executive and Secretary at Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, were present at Saturdays event.

Nepal Tourism Board will officially launch the campaign in London in March.

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NATTA organised a Press-Meet today in the afternoon at Nepal Tourism Board (Lecture Hall) in the august presence of more than forty media representatives including the electronic media and apprised the media regarding NATTA’s upcoming mega events, viz., NATTA Golden Jubilee Celebrations and 21st NATTA Convention going to be held in Hotel Yak & Yeti on 09th December, 2016. Convenor of the program First Vice-President Mr. CN. Pandey read out the Press-Release on the occasion and answered the queries raised by the respected media. He also informed the gathering that UFTTA was also observing its Golden Jubilee this year adding that it was a happy coincidence. Present on the occasion of NATTA’s Press Meet were the Director General of Department of Tourism Mr. Jaya Narayan Acharya, CEO of NTB Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, NTB Board Member Mr. Krishna Aryal, NATTA 2nd VP Mr. D.K. Sharma and NATTA Board Members. Prof. Dr. Hari Sarmah broke the ice of the program. After the Press Meet, Secretary General Mr. Bhim Prasad Panta thanked media representatives for their important participation and all the dignitaries present.

Natta Press Release 2016

Press Release
Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) is celebrating Golden Jubilee to mark its 50th Anniversary on Friday, 9th December 2016 (24th Magshir 2073BS) in Kathmandu. Golden Jubilee Event carries the theme of “Nepal Tourism: Industry of National Priority” with an objective of revitalizing the almost forlorn Government agenda feebly lying in papers for quite some time.

With the membership of more than 1000 companies nationwide, NATTA stands out as a pioneering association of tour and travel agents not only in Nepal but also in this region. NATTA’s 50years’ tireless service of uniting nation’s travel agents and tour operators for a common mission of entrepreneurship, professionalism and prosperity and for the promotion of Nepalese tourism speaks in volumes its dedication for the development of tourism industry of Nepal.

Natta Press Release

NATTA has set out various programs to celebrate the event; some have already been organized while others are yet to be completed. In this connection, NATTA organized a cycle rally and Clean up Campaign at some of the Historical Sites like Kathmandu Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square to generate awareness to the public about cleanliness of the tourism sites and to draw attention of the concerned authorities that the earthquake hit tourist sites are desperately waiting to be reconstructed. NATTA along with Qatar Airways dedicated this year’s blood donation program to the Golden Jubilee. In addition, to make college students participate in tourism discourse, college level essay competition has also been organized on this historic occasion. There are many programs like Twenty First Convention of NATTA, Round Table Conclave, Award Ceremony and other quite feverish entertainment programs have been kept
along with the Inaugural Function on 9th December 2016 at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu. This year also marks the Golden Jubilee of UFTAA (United Federation of Travel Agents Association), international umbrella association of travel agents. President of UFTAA, presidents and leaders of travel associations from various countries are also participating in this Golden Jubilee Event. They are excited to celebrate Golden Jubilee and to promote and market Nepals tourism products in their respective countries.

CN Pandey
1st Vice President
Convener- NATTA Golden Jubilee Celebration and XXI Convention

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US cancel travel warnings for Nepal

The US Department of State on Monday cancelled its travel warning for Nepal. Travel warning was issued on October 8 last year, citing geological instability following the earthquake and the monsoon season, unrest in the Tarai region and fuel crisis.


Issuing a statement on Tuesday, US Embassy in Kathmandu said that the travel warning was lifted “because conditions have changed”. With the end of blockade and the effects of the earthquake no more in the country, Nepal’s tourism sector is set to be restored. According to a report of World Travel and Tourism Council, Nepal’s travel and tourism sector directly generated 487,500 jobs in 2014, representing 3.5 percent of the total employment in the country.


The US Embassy in Kathmandu in a statement said that the travel warning was lifted because conditions have changed.

The US Department of State publishes country specific information sheets for every country in the world describing local conditions and risks for American travelers.

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Nepal for Tourists – Nothing to Fear!

Nepal for Tourists – Nothing to Fear!

On 25th April 2015 a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck the central region of Nepal in the Gorkha district just north of the main highway between Kathmandu and Pokhara. The earthquake was followed by a number of severe aftershocks that were felt as far away as India, Bangladesh, and Tibet. As a result, there were more than 8000 people found dead and thousands more injured, not to mention the wholesale destruction of buildings throughout the whole of the country. It also laid waste to some of the nation’s historic monuments including centuries-old palaces and temples listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest in the famous trekking regions of Manaslu and Langtang. Langtang village itself bore the brunt of the catastrophe, with the entire village completely buried by the avalanche as it descended from the Langtang slopes thousands of feet above.

However, while the earthquake has shaken the land of Nepal, it has been unable to shake the courage, strength, and spirit of its people. What you see now is not death and despair but a fiercely resilient population going about the task of regrouping and rebuilding in the wake of this massive catastrophe. The Kathmandu Valley is alive and kicking and striving to get back on its feet. Relief is slowly reaching the earthquake-affected villages, with local government and various NGO’s and INGO’s joining forces in an effort to bring life back to normal. Heritage sites like Swayambhu, the three Durbar Squares, and many other ancient settlements and monuments will not be fully reconstructed for some time, but the locals together with local authorities have at least initiated plans for their renovation. In time, all of these magnificent structures will be repaired and brought back to life.

“Our greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”– Vince Lombardi

Despite damage to historical and cultural monuments, Nepal is still able to welcome tourists with open arms. Roads and air transport links remain intact across the country; the majority of hotels and restaurants are already back in operation; and apart from the regions of Manaslu and Langtang, most trekking areas have escaped widespread damage. Tourism is one of the mainstays of the Nepalese economy, and Nepal will certainly need the income that tourism brings as it attempts to recover from this disaster.

Have you ever travelled to Nepal? Start making plans! October and November are Nepal’s peak season for tourism, and are of course the best time of year to come and visit. Trekking in Langtang region has, sadly, been highly impacted, so it will probably not be until the end of the September that tourism resumes here in earnest. The people of these areas have lost everything as a result of the earthquake; the best way to support them is by helping to restore their former way of life. Most of the people of the area depend highly on the income generated from tourists visiting the region; it is only really this income that will help the people recover from the tragedy.

The majestic Himalayan Mountains and lush countryside still await the more intrepid visitor, while the people of the region busily rebuild so they can welcome visitors with the friendliness and generosity that the Nepali people are famous for. Travelling to these areas will help the local economy enormously, and will function as a primary source of ongoing sustainable aid. And you need have no fear for your own safety – Nepalese architecture from now on will tend more towards stronger and safer structures.

Other than the highly affected areas of Manaslu and Langtang, trekking in most other regions can be undertaken at any time; Manaslu will start by end of September and probably Langtang too. Pokhara is very safe, and still captivates with its magnificent mountain views and serene lakes. Chitwan and Bardia also escaped widespread damage, and are thus ready to showcase their abundance of natural life.  The birthplace of the Buddha, Lumbini, did not incur much damage and is thankfully all set to welcome visitors back to its sacred soil.

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit the magnificent and bustling country of Nepal, and support her as she attempts to stand proudly on her feet once again. Walk the beautiful trails in the shadow of the most magnificent mountains on earth as you help the Nepalese people reset their course on the path to prosperity. And consider this: how good you will feel knowing that you were among the first to show the rest of the world that Nepal is once again a safe place to visit and explore; that there is nothing to fear and everything to be gained by witnessing first-hand the indomitable spirit of its people as they set about constructing a new identity, a new architecture, a new legacy on top of the still living and breathing vestiges of the old identity, the old architecture, and the old legacy. Nepal is now embarking upon the most fascinating period in all of its ancient history, and you could be right there to see it happen.

So come on: start thinking RIGHT NOW about the most important adventure you’ll ever undertake. Start planning your trip. Trust us. We promise you it’ll be the greatest thing you’ll ever do in your life.

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